Being human can be tough and confusing

...and having to deal with our human minds (although it’s also fabulous and fascinating and fun).
In my therapy work I help people figure out how to live more peacefully, happily, and productively. We work together to explore what’s working for you, and what is not.

See what my clients are saying

"The positive frame of mind you helped me into last Tuesday has lasted. Two things in particular have stayed with me from that session—one, your explanation of why/how this moment forward can in fact be different (and evolving) from my past. And two, your demonstration (and call for) compassion which I am finding I can summon from myself, for myself—in ways that are new to me. Thank you for the attention, compassion, and insight that you bring to our sessions together."

- N.K.

"Conversations with Rachel have helped me to shift the way that I think about myself and my relationships. She has enabled me to address areas where my mind sticks and my emotions turn negative, and she does this with amazingly precise insights and the kindness that these problems deserve. Working with Rachel has already made a significant difference in how I see myself and the people in my life, and I look forward to every appointment."

- M. L.

"With much appreciation and love, we wanted to send a thank-you note for helping us get through a tough time in our relationship. We truly appreciate your support and guidance and continue to work on ourselves individually and as a couple."

- Thanks! A and M

"Yesterday I took two flights. No meds. Wing window seats. I had no trouble whatsoever. I appreciated watching the light formations beneath me. I have no words for how huge this is. I haven't been relaxed flying in 20+ years."

Thank you!
- J

"Rachel has gracefully guided me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. I feel more self aware and balanced after my time with her. She provides down to earth, genuine and compassionate care. I would recommend her practice to friends and family."

- E